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Streamlined crowdfunding process for Gridelements, L10nmgr, and Localizer

By investing in the development of Gridelements, L10nmgr, and Localizer, you contribute to the enhancement of those major TYPO3 extensions, ensuring their quality and reliability for all users!

We are delighted to announce that we have fundamentally revamped the sponsoring process for TYPO3 extensions. Our goal is to provide you with a simple and transparent way to support the development and improvement of our extensions. In this blog article, we would like to introduce the changes and explain how you can become part of this exciting project. If you just want to support one of our extensions, find the crowdfunding campaigns here.

Estimated time to read: 4 minutes

Sponsoring without Milestones

Flexibility and Appreciation

One significant change is that we have departed from predefined milestones. Instead of fixed milestones, we have opted for a more flexible approach to give you more freedom and avoid confusion.

Your feedback showed us that it was not clear to everybody, what happens, when a milestone is reached, and when the actual development process is going to start.

While there still will be no fixed pricing requirements, there will be a minimum amount of €150 to cover administrative costs.

This still allows you to choose the amount that is appropriate for your personal benefit, your company, or your project while expressing your appreciation for the further development of the extensions.

Individual Support for Extensions

Focus on Your Favourites

Unlike other funding programs, we do not support all extensions at once. This means that your financial support directly benefits the further development of the extensions you favor. You have the opportunity to select the extensions that matter most to you and that you wish to use in your TYPO3 projects. This ensures that your contributions directly benefit the extensions that provide you with the greatest value.

Alone we can do so little,
together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

Enabling People to Share

Achieving More Together

Our motto "Enabling People to Share" encapsulates the core idea of our sponsorship concept. We want to give you the opportunity to show your appreciation for our extensions and contribute to their further development. By sharing together, we create a vibrant and strong community dedicated to the progress of TYPO3 and its extensions.

Public Versions and Compatibility

Ensuring Smooth Integration

The extensions we provide are always released in a public version simultaneously with a new TYPO3 major version. These public versions are intentionally designed to be compatible with the previous version of TYPO3.

This ensures that your existing projects continue to work smoothly even if you have not yet upgraded to the latest TYPO3 version. Rest assured that your TYPO3 installation remains stable and reliable.

At the same time, this simplifies the upgrade process as you don't need to uninstall the extensions for that purpose. The public version is always compatible with the respective old-stable version of TYPO3 and its predecessor. For example, it is compatible with TYPO3 10 and 11. If you want access to the latest version, simply participate in the sponsorship and gain access to the Early-Access Repository.

Early-Access Repository and Issue Tracker

Active Participation in the Development Process

As a sponsor, you will have exclusive access to our Early-Access Repository and the Issue Tracker. This allows you to actively participate in the development of the extensions. You can report bugs, contribute improvement suggestions, and have a significant impact on the development process. Furthermore, we guarantee specific response times for bug fixes and features, ensuring that you stay up to date and benefit from the best enhancements.

Official Invoices and Tax Information

We value transparency and professionalism.

Therefore, you will always receive official invoices with the necessary tax information for your sponsorship. This enables you to correctly record the sponsorship in your accounting and take advantage of any applicable tax benefits. We want to ensure that you can exercise your support in a transparent and legally compliant manner.

With our new sponsoring concept, we aim to provide you with a simple and flexible way to support the development of the extensions while enjoying exclusive benefits for a relatively small minimum amount. Still we encourage you to think about the benefits you gain from using those major extensions and adjust the sponsoring amount appropriately. You will get instant access to the private repository in the latest development state. Each extension will become publicly available with the folllowing TYPO3 LTS release. Become part of our community and enable us to further enhance the TYPO3 extensions. Enabling People to Share - together, we achieve more!

Jo Hasenau