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TYPO3 CMS 12 makes CMS 10 outdated - upgrade to CMS 11 or 12 now for a fixed price

With the release of TYPO3 CMS 12 LTS in spring 2023 CMS 10 has become outdated and support won't be available without ELTS anymore. Upgrade your systems to CMS 11 or 12 now or order one of our TYPO3 Extension SLA to get ELTS for your extensions too. Even upgrades from older versions like 8 or 9 are possible.
Let us do all the dirty work while you can focus on your core business.

Let us do the dirty work

Ground-up renoviations of an outdated building

Of course you could try to upgrade your TYPO3 systems yourself following one of the numerous tutorials and videos one can easily find while searching the web.

Our team of professional and experienced TYPO3 coders has seen lots of failed upgrades and knows most of the possible pitfalls you might encounter while you try. So just sit back, relax and let them do the dirty work.

Guaranteed Future

Futuristic train at train station

One of the major drawbacks of the General Public License used by TYPO3 and its extensions is that it comes with absolutely no warranty.

With our service level agreements you can still provide or get such a warranty to make sure the extensions you are using will be alive and kicking even with the extended long term support versions of the TYPO3 core.

Time saving

Stop watch pointing at "answers"

Developers, agencies and customers are wasting a lot of time with bug fixing and refactoring of TYPO3 extensions, that could have been spent otherwise.

With our service level agreements developers won't have to deal with coding in their spare time anymore, while agencies and customers will get more time for real project activities and editorial work.


  • Own state of the art TYPO3 system
  • CMS 11 or 12 upgrade for a fixed price
  • ELTS even for outdated extensions in use
  • More time for editorial work


  • State of the art TYPO3 client systems
  • CMS 11 or 12 upgrade for a fixed price
  • ELTS even for offered outdated extensions
  • More time for project work


  • State of the art TYPO3 client systems
  • CMS 11 or 12 upgrade for a fixed price
  • ELTS even for own outdated extensions
  • More personal spare time


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