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Response time

Depending on the number of public or internal extensions, high or low priority processing of tickets, response time, availability and the monthly fee you are going to spend, we can calculate your individual SLA pricing for your particular scenario. For example when you are the owner of a website with a few thousand accounts where high availability is an issue, you should pick a 4 hour 24/7 plan instead of a 48h business days only plan.


Depending on which extensions you have in use some of those you have covered with your monthly plan might conflict with those you don't have covered. So we have to know which extensions you are using.

Depending on the amount you chose for your monthly rate all other rates can get adjusted such as hourly rates for bug fixing, developing, refactoring and other additional services.
Further wishes/ comments

According to your chosen monthly payment rate and your desired response time we calculate the hourly rates of our services. Of course we can adjust your contract even further for you. Please specify your wishes in the text box below and we get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

What is qualified response time?

Get a response within the guaranteed time frame

You can file a bug report with our dedicated ticket system and as soon as you send it you will get a response within the guaranteed time frame.

Our response team will check your problem and file a report
Our response team will login to the affected system, check the reasons for the buggy behaviour and file a detailed bug report for our bug fixing team. Logins to affected systems are mandatory.
Can I get additional support?
Just in case that the bug you discovered was based on misconfiguration or other user related problems, you can get additional support. Depending on your contract, this will be free of charge up to a limited amount of cases per month.

What makes an extension public or internal?

Your extensions must be GPL compatible
In any case your extensions must be compatible to GPL version 2 or higher, because otherwise they would break the conditions of the TYPO3 license. So we can support GPL compatible public or internal extensions only. Still you are not forced to publish any of your extensions neither will we publish any without permission.
Public extensions are freely available for download
According to the TYPO3 motto "Inspring people to share" we highly appreciate extensions that are available for public download, either from the TYPO3 extension repository or from any other publicly available resource. This is why hourly rates for public extensions are lower than those for internal ones.
Internal extensions are used behind closed doors
While there are many extensions available for public download, there are still some reasons that might have prevented you from publishing your extensions yet. Since sharing code with a worldwide user base makes it easier to find and fix bugs, hourly rates for internal extensions are higher than those for public ones.

What is a bug?

A feature that is already implemented but does not work as expected
To qualify for bug fixing the affected extension must already have that particular feature implemented, still it does not work as expected. Bugs do not include misconfiguration or wrong usage of implemented features.
Missing features or change requests don't qualify for bug fixing
When a feature has not been implemented yet or it is working as expected but should be working differently in upcoming versions of the extension, this does not qualify the extension for bug fixing.

Priority vs. non priority bug fixing?

Non priority bug fixing will be done as soon as possible
Non priority bug fixing will be done by any of our coders within an acceptable time frame but without a certain deadline. So when you need immediate help in case of emergency, you should go for priority bug fixing instead.
Priority bug fixing will be done immediately
Priority bug fixing will be done immediately by our top coders and we will give you a deadline and an estimated number of  hours for the fix. Still even those fixes will take a certain amount of time to be done.