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Directly support the L10nmgr and Localizer without having to buy an SLA

With the release of TYPO3 CMS 12 LTS spring 2023 CMS 10 has become outdated and support won't be available without ELTS anymore. Upgrade your systems to a stable version now, become part of the supporting crowd of the Localization Manager and Localizer extensions with new features for CMS 11 and 12 and get instant access to our early access repository.

L10nmgr and Localizer

L10nmgr - The Localization Manager

A localization management extension for TYPO3 supporting a variety of online and offline translation workflows and providing modules for localization import and export via backend or command line.


Localizer - The L10nmgr UI and API Connector

A localization selector matrix that extends the TYPO3 L10nmgr extension with enhanced usability regarding the selection of records for automated translation jobs via API connectors


Support the L10nmgr and Localizer crowdfunding campaign and get instant access to our early access repository!

How does it work?

This is an informal request for a financial pledge of this crowdfunding campaign. You will get an official confirmation about the pledged amount, which will become a binding contract as soon as you get an invoice about the amount of your pledge. Contractual partner will be Cybercraft GmbH, since we are the official maintainers of the extensions l10nmgr and localizer.

At any time, it is possible to increase the amount of your pledge. You cannot withdraw or lower your pledge, though.