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Directly support the gridelements maintainers without having to buy an SLA

With the release of TYPO3 CMS 10 LTS spring 2020 CMS 8 will become outdated and support won't be available without ELTS anymore. Upgrade your systems to a stable version now and become part of the supporting crowd of gridelements without having to buy one of our service level agreements.


This extension integrates the grid layout concept also to regular content elements - the grid elements. It offers a lot of new features like advanced drag & drop or real references, that improve the usability of the page and list module to speed up the daily work with the backend.


Current state of the campaign

0,00 €

Milestone 1 reached: Fix translation problems

2,500.00 €

0,00 €

Milestone 2 reached: Get it to work in TYPO3 10LTS

3,200.00 €

0,00 €

Milestone 3: Fluid based page module

5,000.00 €

1,400.00 €

Prices are net values without any applicable VAT. Customers from Germany will get bills including VAT, others can get bills without VAT if they provide us with their VAT-ID.


Milestone 1: 2,500.- €

Fix translation problems

The extension will be adapted to the recent changes of the translation workflow in CMS 9. This can be done independently of the upgrade to CMS 10 but preferrably it should be fixed before releasing new major versions, so for CMS 10 those issues would already be fixed.

Milestone 2: 3,200.- €

Get it to work in TYPO3 10LTS!

The extension should work without error messages in the BE and FE. The typo3scan package will report no errors (but maybe warnings) for target versions 10 (except for false positives). Not-so-clean workarounds and deprecation warnings are to be expected, though. Some of the work has already been done by volunteers, therefor the progress bar already respects that value. The goal of this milestone is a proper finish of the current Gitlab master before the official release.

Milestone 3: 5,000.- €

Fluid based page module

The extension will be adapted to the recently introduced fluid based page module. By default it will be running with the legacy page module, which is still provided by the TYPO3 core.

Additionally there will be the option to make use of custom Fluid templates for the backend layouts of your own Gridelements as well.