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Pricing Examples

If you are not sure, which hourly rates are achievable with our SLA, take a look at this selection of different scenarios with corresponding pricings.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Coders.Care pool of developers and extensions?

Join forces with other experienced TYPO3 developers

We strongly believe that joining forces is one of the key values of any Open-Source community. Working together as a team of experienced TYPO3 developers you can share the work load, improve your own knowledge and help each other to create a reliable pool of extensions for the users of TYPO3.

All paid on an hourly basis with reasonable hourly rates.

Our goal is to create a reasonable income for each developer in the Coders.Care pool. So even the maintenance work you used to do for the users of your extensions without getting paid will be honored by these hourly rates now too.

But I don't want to be forced to work on bugfixes, can I still join?

Actually none of the developers in the Coders.Care pool is forced to do a specific job.

It's up to you, if you want to be part of the response team, do bugfixing of your own extensions or even help others to fix their extensions too.

Even if you don't find the time, you can still join our team

When you are working as a freelancer within a project or as an employee for a company, you might not find the time to really work for the Coders.Care project. But you can still join us and make sure, the extensions you put into the Coders.Care pool will be maintained by experienced developers.

What about the monthly fees, why don't developers get a share of that?

Actually they already do get a share

When you take a look at the pricing examples for SLA clients, you might notice that each level gets the non priority bug fixing without any additional costs. While we don't get any hourly rates for that job, you will still get paid by the hourly rates that we agree upon in the contract.

There is a Coders.Care pool of shared fees.

So there is not just a Coders.Care pool of developers and extensions but a Coders.Care pool of shared monthly fees too, that makes sure you will never have to work for the project without being paid.

A fair distribution of the monthly income

The more famous your extension is, the more SLA clients will have it within their portfolio. By equally sharing the monthly fees between the developers in the team, we make sure that maintainers of important but not yet famous extensions get the same chance to make a living as the maintainers of the top notch extensions with a few thousand downloads per month. On top of that you can still earn the hourly rates the SLA clients are paying beyond their monthly fees.