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Directly support the seminar manager without having to buy an SLA

With the release of TYPO3 CMS 9 LTS autumn 2018 CMS 7 has become outdated and support won't be available without ELTS anymore. Upgrade your systems to a stable version now and become part of the supporting crowd of the seminar manager extension without having to buy one of our service level agreements.

Seminar Manager (seminars)

Allows you to create and manage a list of seminars, workshops, lectures, theater performances and other events, allowing front-end users to sign up. FE users also can create and edit events.


Current state of the campaign

0,00 €

Milestone 1 reached: Get it to work in TYPO3 9 LTS, no matter how!

3,100.00 €

0,00 €

Milestone 2 reached: I don't want no warnings anymore!

4,600.00 €

0,00 €

Milestone 3: I don't want no dependencies

6,300.00 €

Prices are net values without any applicable VAT. Customers from Germany will get bills including VAT, others can get bills without VAT if they provide us with their VAT-ID.


Milestone 1: 3,100.- €

Get it to work in TYPO3 9LTS, no matter how!

The extension should work without error messages in the BE and FE, the automated tests should be green, and Travis should be green. The typo3scan package will report no errors (but lots of warnings) for target versions 8 and 9 (except for false positives). Not-so-clean workarounds and lots of deprecation warnings are to be expected, though. The extensions will not work in PHP 7.3 yet.

Milestone 2: 4,600.- €

I don't want no warnings anymore!

Running the extensions in the FE and BE in TYPO3 9 will create no deprecation warnings. Neither will running the automated tests. The code will be PSR-2-compliant, and the TypoScript will be linted with TSlint. The typo3scan will report no warnings for target versions 8 and 9 (except for false positives).

Milestone 3: 6,300.- €

I don't want no dependencies!

Dependencies on the old extensions phpunit, mkforms and rn_base are removed. Instead of the phpunit extension, nimut/testing-framework will be used. Instead of mkforms, extbase and fluid will be used for the forms. The dependency on static_info_tables will be optional.

Milestone 4: 700.- €

I want it with PHP 7.3

The extensions seminars, onetimeaccount, oelib and static_info_tables will run without errors or warnings in PHP 7.3. For this, milestones 2 and 3 are strictly required first.

Milestone 5: 4,700.- €

I like my PHP strict.

There are typed parameters whereever possible, strict mode is enabled for all class files, all comparisons are strict, and the PhpStorm code inspection has no valid warnings about type compatiblity, return types and PHP language level. In addition, the code is checked with phpstan and psalm. The phpstan and psalm checks require the conversion to namespaces first. 

Milestone 6: 2,500.- €

I don't like surprises!

More parts of the code follow what an integrator or contributor would expect from a modern TYPO3 extension. Still, this is only a start, and lots of other places can be modernized as well.