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Directly support the Mask extension without having to buy an SLA

In order to keep Mask compatible with the upcoming release of TYPO3 10 LTS in spring 2020, many adjustments are needed. Prepare now and join crowdfunding to get Mask ready for TYPO3 10 without having to book one of our SLAs.

Mask (mask)

Allows you to create and manage content masks. This allows editors without having to worry about structures to enter complex content. Web developers can customize the presentation in the frontend with Fluid templates.


Current state of the campaign

0,00 €

Milestone 1 reached: Compatibility for TYPO3 10 LTS

5,500.00 €

0,00 €

Milestone 2: Split JSON File

14,500.00 €

0,00 €

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Milestone 3: Conditions

1,300.00 €

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Prices are net values without any applicable VAT. Austrian customers will get bills including VAT, others can get bills without VAT if they provide us with their VAT-ID.


Milestone 1: 5,500.- €

Compatibility for TYPO3 10 LTS

Mask is made executable for TYPO3 10 LTS. The usual features are retained. If necessary, migration tools are provided to convert content for TYPO3 10.

Milestone 2: 14,500.- €

Split JSON File

It should be possible that you can easily copy individual content masks from one project to another. For this, a way is found how to split the JSON file and offer a migration script for older JSON files. An export/import tool makes it easy to take over.

Milestone 3: 1,300.- €


This makes it possible to show or hide other input fields based on a value (eg a select box). For example, you have the option of offering different child elements. Example with a slider: Slide with picture and Slide with video.